Improper conduct

What could be a better starter for a new blog labeled “against newspeak” than FOOTBALL? Did you watch the Arsenal game the other night? I did, and I was totally fed up, though I am Tottenham fan! This gives my argument some credibility, it’s not tainted with devotion to Arsenal, I am not biased, but I am starting to believe that UEFA and FIFA are biased – against everything that would make football in general and refs decisions in particular accountable. This is quite remarkable given the cobweb, FIFA and UEFA officials designed to rule (or kill) the game. If a player waste’s time, yellow-card him. If he celebrates in front of his fans, yellow-card him. If he does not appear to be penitent, red-card him. What’s the use of this system of rules that may please lawyers, but warps results time and time again? Maybe some rules started a life of their own? Maybe, FIFA and UEFA officials find more pleasure in  punishing rule violations than in the game itself? Maybe the entire FIFA and UEFA system has become a totalitarian system that endangers freedom of speech? By the way, Samir Nasri and Arsene Wenger will be fined by UEFA, because they dared to tell what they experienced, a ref who wasn’t up for the job (or who did not want to be) and a result flawed by the very same ref. It is deemed “improper conduct” for “inappropriate language” by UEFA and it’s deemed a violation of freedom of speach by against newspeak.

  1. #1 by Andreas Moser on March 27, 2011 - 10:32 am

    FIFA as a totalitarian system? I think you might be on to something:

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